Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20th ..... Working in the yard!

Another gorgeous day at Taddiken Farm.  February 20th.   Sunshine, 68 degrees and no wind!  Bonus!  I have been home and able to take full advantage of the day.  I took out a massive planting of Sage.  Cleaned off two raised vegetable beds and added a top layer of rotted silage.  

I spaded out a bed of strawberry plants.  (That was the big job.). They were June bearing Jewell strawberry plants and had been a disappointment since I planted them years ago.  Never being very big, they reverted back to small tasteless fruit.  I have an order coming of ever bearing Ozark Beauty and Allstar June bearing berries to replace them.  I know that the ever bearing won't produce as well as June bearing but think it will be nice to have a few throughout the summer.  We'll see.  

Let's hope this nice weather lasts a few more days.  In years past, I have taken these nice winter days for granted and gotten nothing done outside.  March hits with it's bitter cold winds and again, I get nothing accomplished outside.  By April, I am overwhelmed and frustrated!  Maybe, it will be different this year?  (Heard that before!)

I know that there will be winter left to come.  This is after all, Kansas.  It's sure nice to have a break from cold weather and dig in the dirt a bit!  

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